The State of California is experiencing a serious housing crisis, especially in the affordable housing arena. As the lack of affordable housing has grown, so has the population at risk for homelessness.

Our desire is to assist those who are hardworking, contributing members of their community but are experiencing hard times due to circumstances beyond their control. Far too many families and individuals are barely making it, living paycheck to paycheck, or have fallen through the cracks into the world of the “invisible homeless”; living in their cars or couch surfing while still holding down a job, going to school, or both. We believe they deserve a hand up.

Amongst other acquisition and development opportunities, our plan is to work with local jurisdictions to acquire and develop successor agency (former redevelopment) parcels to provide rental housing at very low income, or lower rental rates. Whether it is a manufactured home community or traditional multi-family design concept, our team is proficient in getting the job done and managing the operations.

When Residents move into a Yellow Roof Community their rents are change based to ensure no more than 30% of their income goes to housing cost; enabling them to begin to build a foundation for a brighter future. 


Yellow Roof Foundation is also working at the state level on legislation to make the development of wholly charitable affordable housing projects more attainable. We will not leave any stone unturned in support of our mission.