California Needs Affordable Housing.

The problem: 

a massive housing shortage

Our plan: 

build affordable, income-based housing

What Is Affordable Housing?

Housing that costs less than 30% of the household's monthly income

– U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Income-Based Housing follows the affordable housing standard to calculate a tenant's rental price

California's Housing Crisis

Affordable Rent for a minimum wage worker: $672.00 /month

California minimum wage: $13.00 /hour*

*As of January 2021 California minimum wage: $14.00 /hour at businesses with ≥ 26 employees

Work Hours /Week @ Minimum Wage

Fair Market Rent /Month

0 bedroom



1 bedroom



2 bedroom



3 bedroom



At $13.00 /hour, an employee would have to work 90 hours /week to "afford" a 1 bedroom rental


Benefits toTenants of Income-Based Housing

Income-based housing developments usually offer programs and services for residents.

Targeted health and social services lower government costs and help end the cycle of poverty.

Services For Low-Income Residents

Adult education

Financial literacy classes

Health and wellness programs

Child care 

Life skills courses

Job-interview training

After-school programs

Children See Improvements In

Academic performance

Confidence and self-esteem

Behavior in school and at home

Interest in extracurricular activities

Creating lasting friendships

Support from family and community

Overall health and wellbeing

Residents See Improvements In

Physical health

Mental health

Family stability

Financial stability

Physical safety

General happiness

Personal empowerment


Benefits to the Entire Community

Community Growth

Rent stability allows people to spend more on other purchases

Nearby businesses benefit from increased consumer spending

Increased demand leads to business growth and more job opportunities


Yellow Roof Foundation's Income-Based Housing

Contra Costa County

At Yellow Roof Foundation, we believe in building brighter futures and better tomorrows. And we believe this all begins at home.


Construction is underway at Yellow Roof Foundation's 1st affordable housing community!


A second development in Contra Costa County was recently announced! 

Solano County

Planning is underway for an affordable housing project on donated land in Solano County! 

Everyone deserves a place to call home; a place that is a shelter from the storms of life, where they can find a fresh start and hope for a brighter future.

Want to know more about our affordable housing developments?


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